Sunday, 29 April 2018

the beginning of Adiyogi

the beginning of Adiyoga
Over fifteen thousand years ago, in the upper reaches of the Himalayas, where the snows are perennial and the skies terrestrial, a being appeared.
He was a being unlike anyone had ever seen – nine feet tall, ash-smeared, with flowing matted hair. Sometimes he sat absolutely still. At other times, he danced. His dancing was indescribable. Wild and ecstatic, it seemed to breathe exuberance into an entire universe. Planets and stars, rivers and forests, mountains and oceans exploded into life around him. When he was motionless, he seemed to become the ageless silence at the heart of all creation. He seemed to become life itself.
No one had ever seen anyone like him before. They did not know who he was, where he came from, what his origins were. People gathered in huge numbers around him because his presence was quite extraordinary. It was clear that while he was on this planet, he was not of it. They waited, hoping for a miracle. Nothing happened.

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Saturday, 14 April 2018

vahan and maha

the story of vahan and maha
vahan was a engineer but he was working in a company but he was not just working in a company, he was working on a app he wanted to develop a app  .it was his desire that this app would be the father
of the all apps ,he was dreaming from his childhood about to complete this app,that's why he joined the engineering.he was hardworking his life was was a duty ,a very well arranged disciplined schedule
he never broke that schedule,wake up in 7am food and bath till 9 am ,than he wents to company where he works at 5pm he returns from the company 5-6 food and a little bit of rest ,than 6to 12 he work
on his app,he always feel himself weak inside .so he went for a checkup to hospital
but some one was about to come to dismiss the schedule .
she was maha ,maha was a writer she used to write article and nobles and stories and whatever she like ,yes she was a serious girl but not as much serious as vahan she meet him as a neighbour when she
she knock the door of vahan,
vahan-  who
maha - anyone is here
vahan open the door want happen ,who are you?
hello i am maha ,can you help me
vahan - what you wants
maha - a bottle of water
actually maha wanted to broke the lock on the door of that room in which she was about to live but after seeing the attitude of vahan she did not ask for help .maha really did not like the behaviour
as vahan went for bringing the bottle
maha return to her room ,and started hitting the lock
as vahan came to his door he did not find anyone their ,once he thought  i went out and give her the water then his igo said no
the next day when maha was going for office vahan was standing near to his car ,he did not said anything to maha but that was the first day when vahan get shy and smiled .he tried but he could not stop him
self ,
at the evening when vahan returned from his office his eyes was qurious to see that face again ,when he opened the lock and enter in his room he again turned and see outside with a hope that
she would be there.but their was no one ,every thing was new for him ,everything was so pure and natural
and the most important thing was that these feelings were hitting the egoist vahan,something was happening in his heart .

but that day come soon when he again saw maha ,but maha turned her face as she doesn't know him .vahan first impression was so bad on maha ,but vahan was vahan he came near to maha and
started talking to her  he talked very normally to maha .he ask some general question like who are you whats your name where do you work and in these talk vahan did not remember about his schedule.
it come to 10 from 6 pm and he was still talking to her .this was the first time when vahan talk someone so long and so much comfortably.
then maha said i would have to go i have a lot of work to complete.okay bye
maha said in her heart he was not so bad ,this first meeting was the whole introduction of vahan heart,
when vahan returned to his room he look at the watch ,and the first word come to his tongue was ''sorry'' he again look at the watch and said i am sorry.but it's all right
vahan and maha's friendship was getting deeper and deeper  day by day .vahan was not giving the enough time to his project as he wanted but he was ignoring that because maha was being his world
whom he never wanted to lost
when vahans report come out he broked, he did not share it with maha that he is sick with the deceases blood the other day he spent the happy time with maha ,he went out for a walk that
night he tried a lot but he could not hide it from maha he hugged her and explain it all .
maha was shocked and she did not leave vahan's hand that night .she was saying to him i will come with you to hospital ,i wants be with you each and every second
but vahan said no to her you are not coming with me to hospital .
i would come to you from hospital ,i would merry to you and we would have a lot of babies.
vahan got two very strong support one was maha and second was his dream of making an app. so he win the fight because he was not alone in this fight his heart and his mind both was with him.

someone says wright love is the biggest power of the nature .it can fall in love to a egoist person it can  remove the wounds of a sick person. that's all happen with vahan when maha enter in his disciplined life
she come to vahan with a lot of happiness ,and vahan welcome her .

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Friday, 13 April 2018

''disability is not a barrier ''

there was a place where a girl used to live.she was wanted to be a IAS officer but every thing doesn't happens with us that we wants to make .
that's all happen with that girl time did not handle her hand .she was very exited that day she was going for giving the examination of Indian investigation department .but who knows when the time will turn its face from us .
as her journey started in a train .she was happy ,her eyes was full of Lot of dreams .in the middle of the journey she went for washroom .there was a group of guys who commented on her and 
she tried to shut them all,the comments was very bed that the girl started fighting with them .
one of them pushed the girl outside from the door of the train and the girl fall down from the running train .
she lost her both legs in that she was in a hospital could not be able to stand from her self,she was crying now her eyes was full of pain instead of wide dreams ,
she was thinking "now what should i do ,how will i go outside should i jump from the high bridge or i should locked in a room.How i will face the people And how i will face me .
but the girl did not losses her temper after spending some time with her disability ,she come back to her what she was and what she wanted to became.

''because she was disable from walking so she could not be apart of Indian administration service .
she again dream ed for climbed the largest mountain range Mount Everest in Himalayas.the climbing was very tough for them who has a perfect physical it was the biggest task for her.
to climb on it at reaching at the highest peak and flowing the national flag of the country on the mount an average 2000 people  tried to climb on the mountain .because of the presence of the less amount 
of the oxygen only 159 people returned to there home and other are died .The condition is enough critical that the new people who climbs the mountain take the support of the dead bodies for climbing the Everest
Her family was not in support of her but she make them all.
And she climb on the highest mountain Mount Everest.flow the flag and she completed her dream not alone with her disability 
she made her weakness  the biggest power of her 
if we wants to do something than no one can stop us .this the story of her an ordinary girl who became special with her disability.
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Saturday, 7 April 2018

give me the grace
give me the power that i can stand firm at any wrong moment
give me the power that i can run faster more faster from the money , lie and hate , give me that grace that i can love anyone just give me the grace to fight with the evils
oh! god just give me the grace that i can smile every moment
oh! lord give me the grace that i can love someone
oh! lord just give me the grace that i can do anything
oh! lord ,oh! god just give me the grace . oh! lord ,oh! god just give me the grace ,just give me that grace,just give me the grace
give me the grace
oh god, oh lord

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

an brave daughter

ichie  was a small Indian girl.  .she was like me she was like you ,but she did something that made her special and more special,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              she was just 5 year old ,she was an Indian girl ,that day was just like the other day for her ....but not same like the  other day. she went out with her mom to market at 5 pm of the evening . 
                                                                                                                                                time was running with its speed 5 became 6 ,6 became 7 ,7 became 8 and 8 became 9.  the dangerous countdown was started ...the time between 9 to 12 is that time in India that you notes on the street   ,or you feel that their is no girl or wowen in India ...because of the fear of the ''ugly minded persons '' .  in sopping .in bargaining .mom does not care about the running time .                                                                                              i was reminding  again and again to my mom ,  ''let`s go mom we are getting late .   the lonely street was pinching us .the noise of the fast walking foots was irritating me ,

                                                                                                                                                      heartbeat was running fast .like something wrong was. about to happen with us  mom was saying to me. icehi walk fast ....that all was happening with us because of a person who was following us .i were felling the same what was my mom felling ..   but that day  became memorial for me when my mom take a very brave step.                                                                                                                 .                              ''she said to me .......icehi stop .i was looking at my mom face . i was thinking in my mind...... mom what are you saying but i stop walking .mom turned and she took the rock in her hand which was lying on the street and she through it at that man who were fallowing us from a long time on the street .and then she stared thronging all the rocks which were lying on the street ....and then i did the same work i took all the rocks , and started through it on him ...                                                                                                           i hear he was saying to us are you gonna crazy mom shouted '' yes we are crazy . now do what you wanna do ...the man turned and went away ..  we take a long breath like we win a world battle . my mom looked at my face .i saw she was smiling with wet eyes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 that day the first teacher of my...... '' my mom teached a lesson to me  that we should not run from the trouble we should face them  we should fight with them with full bravery ''.                                                                                                         hope that person would not even think about  to bother any other girl or women.                                                                

the beginning of Adiyogi

the beginning of Adiyoga Over fifteen thousand years ago, in the upper reaches of the Himalayas, where the snows are perennial and the...